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Advance Marine Engineering: 5 Days Survey Report on Low Speed Marine Engine

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Here the report is basically based on the topic of marine engineering and methodologies. Instead of a manufacturing or construction here we discussed all about the engine part assembly and the service methodologies of the marine engine repairing.  It is the survey data for the task carried out in the investigation of all parameters for a particular tanker which is an 180000 DWT tanker. Considering this we have taken the engine also on which the survey is to be done. A very basic propulsion system is surveyed here for a huge tanker. The propulsion system is direct propulsion; on an easy way we can say it is a direct coupling arrangement to the propeller with the engine just like the conventional methodology. The survey is done on the engine and its all parts available on the tanker to get a clear view of the different parts of a marine engine and their uses. Along with it a repairing is also done on some of the parts of the engine only for the faulty parts of the engine.

The main things or parts are taken into consideration for these surveys of the marine engine are complete cylinder unit of the engine with cylinder head mountings, liner, piston, piston rod. Secondly the investigated parts are the complete set of the cross head pin and the bearing. The third thing was connecting rod attached to the piston rod and the bearing and the last most important part was complete main bearing. Not only these things, along with all these a complete survey also performed for the whole engine to get a clear overview of the engine parts and all.

This report is classified by some parts for the throughout survey step by step so at the time of reading of this report one can easily understand the whole thing without complexity. These parts are said bellow,

  1. Planning of the throughout activity.
  2. Safety measures and precautions taken for these activities.
  3. A throughout investigation on the all components of the marine engine.
  4. An observation or result part for the said examination on this topic.
  5. Detail discussion on the spare parts used in this workout.
  6. Repairs and additional works carried out for this particular maintenance survey and investigation.

Case Studies:

In this case study our intention is to take an 180000DWT tanker for consideration, so we need to know the basic parameters of these class tankers. A detail description is stated below in a ntable format which shows the all parameters of this tanker.

Scantling draught (m) 17
Length overall (m) 274
Length between pp (m) 264
Breadth (m) 50
Design draught (m) 15.6
Sea margin % 15
Engine margin % 10
Average design ship speed Knots
SMCR power (Kw) 16800
Main engine options 6S70MC-C7/ME-C7


In this case study we have taken the engine 8S60MC-C7 variant of engine for this survey to be undertaken. What is the maker of that particular engine is not our concern for this survey but the technical specification of the engine is necessary for this case study. The particular engine used in this case has an identical property and for each and every marine engineer it is very easy to identify the technical particulars of a marine engine by its model code. How this code can be read for finding out the technical specification stated below.

8 S 60 M C C 7
No of cylinder Stroke/ Bore ratio
(Super long stroke)
Diameter of piston in (cm) Engine programmer Concept
E-Electronically controlled
Camshaft controlled
Mark number Version number


From this above table we can easily say that the engine we are using here for our case study is a 8 cylinder engine having a super long stroke length, the diameter of its piston is 65 cm with a camshaft controlled mechanism. And from a marine engine manufacturing company catalogue it is noted that, the particular specified engine has a power of 19000 Kw approximately. This is the basic specification of the engine we surveyed for this case study. Now the question may arise in mind that, the propulsion system of this particular tanker. Here it is a direct propulsion system used in this unit. In some cases for this new era of technology the mechanical energy of an engine is being converted into electrical energy and that electrical energy used to propel the propeller with the help of motor. But here the propulsion system is completely conventional one. There is a fixed coupling from the motor to the propeller with the help of some flexible and hydraulic coupling arrangements and the prime mover of the marine engine is used to rotate the propeller. For such kind of direct propulsion in marine engines mainly low speed engines are used with compact gear box for reduction or increment of the propeller blade rotation speed. With the help of the gear box the forward and the reverse motion of the ship can be performed.

The parts we have taken into consideration are stated above on the introduction part of this report along with this a technical discussion is here for those particular items are to be point pout in this survey.

One of the most important part of the engine is its cylinder unit to hold the piston and to make the combustion into it and allow the piston for a to and fro motion into it. Piston is the dynamic part of the engine attached with the crank shaft of a engine with the help of connecting rod, connecting pin and for large engines there is a piston rod. The cross head is the holding unit at the cylinder head for the piston. And the bearings are used here are not conventional ball bearings. For this kind of heavy arrangements a bush type bearings are used with different metal layers. Connecting rod is the main rod makes the attachment to the piston and the crankshaft with the help of connecting pin. These are the general parts are to be check with prior effect for this survey and after that the thoroughly checking of the whole engine will be carried out.

1. Planning of the throughout activity:

Since, we are doing a survey on a topic which is a vast one in terms of its parameters and also from its construction and manufacturing point of view. Along with this in between a stipulated time we have to complete this survey on that topic so we need a proper planning in terms of forward action plan of work, so that the task can be completed in between the time as well as a preferable outcome may occur from this entire survey.

The plan of the plan of action states the methodology and the covering parts of the task on each day and also the methodologies how it will be done. The mechanisms we need to follow up for a complete survey that has to be pointed out previously. Which part will be check on which day is also an important factor for this kind of survey. What kinds of workers are needed for those particular surveys must be ready for this task on this context there should not be any issue. Along with this a paper work is to be done so that after each checking we can mark it as complete. Without a proper planning it is just impossible to take care of this kind of task in a given time. For this purpose we can assign personals for different responsibilities. And accordingly we have made a plan of action to make it clear to the reader as well as everyone to understand how the entire task carried out by proper planning and also to show how a proper planning can help to complete a task.

The plan of action can be stated like the tress diagram below,

The planning of this survey is being done such a manner so that all the tasks can be completed within the stipulated time. We have divided the days and the schedule of the works according to the priority and arrangements.

  • On the 1st day the site visit, related documentation and paper collection is done, arrangements for initiation of the works and the procurements of the related spare parts and the spanners done on this day.
  • With the help of professional workers the disassembling of the various parts of the marine engine has been done to observe those components and along with this we have also cleaned them for detail observation to check is there any problem on those parts or not on the 2nd day of survey.
  • On the third day we have an intention to get the data collection for the different parts and make a table for them to present it to the higher officials. For any further reference also this kind of written data collected sheet either in soft copy or in hard copy is very much important. This is the basic plan of action on the 3rd day of the survey.
  • On the 4th day we have an intention to repair the items are not proper in nature and if there is any kind defects on the observed parts. After getting the repaired parts we need to install them carefully to their desired positions. After that we need to check their usability of them and to check whether they are working well or not.
  • On the last day of the survey we have an intention to make a detail survey report for the entire process we have done throughout. This is an important process after any successful survey.

This is the planning of the survey and accordingly we have performed the whole survey and fortunately we have also completed the entire investigation within stipulated time period.

Safety and Precautions:

Since, the entire survey is performed with heavy machineries with an industrial environment so at the time of conducting such kind of survey we have to be very careful about the safety standards and precautions. All the workers performing the survey disassembling and assembling mechanism of the heavy instruments are to be maintaining their safety precautions for a healthy environment throughout. The engine room of that tanker was not that much neat and clean and proper lighting was not there for a healthy working condition so all necessary requirements fulfilled by the authority before the survey/ investigation.

1 Before disassembling any unit of the marine engine all the attached stop valves were checked to confirm their activity. There were some of the stop valves in some position were not activated. So before the disassembling of the parts of the engine all of them were activated.
2 All the alarm system attached with the machineries and engine parts were activated before starting of any work and also checked their activity by engaging them.
3 Is there any kind of fuel leakage was there on the fuel line of the engine was checked carefully and found them in good condition? There was not any kind of leakage of lubricant, fuel and hydraulic oils on the pipe lines.
4 Cleaning of the floor surface of the engine room is very much important before starting such kind of survey. A dirty floor can make a slippery surface and may hamper the healthy life of the workers. For that reason we have cleaned the engine room floor with the cleaning stuffs.
5 The shoes of the workers are to be safety shoe with steel tow. The bottom surface of the shoe must be made with some anti-skidding material. These things are checked before allowing any worker for this survey.
6 It was checked carefully that the cloths they are wearing. Is there any kind of les or hanging part on their dress was taken into consideration? If there was some kind of situation happened an additional jacket was provided by the authority. It was quite impressive and good one.
7 All the workers are wearing safety helmets or not, checked carefully so that they may not get any impact on their head at the time of their work. Some of the workers were not wearing their helmets they have been forced to wear them.
8 The light of the engine room was not good enough, so some of the parts were not visible so additional sodium vapor lamps were provided for better visibility without it the working condition was very poor.
9 All the workers were provided their individual fluorescent colored additional sleeve less jackets for visibility. So that one can see other workers easily in a low intensity light also.
10 All the workers maintained their rules for height and attached there safety harness with them on above a height of 1.8m from the room floor. It was good to see such behavior of the workers. All the safety harness was with their proper standard.
11 Proper gloves and safety goggles were also provided to all the workers so that any damage may not occur on their hand as well as on their eyes.

This above table depicts the safety precautions were taken into consideration for this particular investigation. Basically the above safety measures were related to the workers safety. Along with all these some additional parameters were checked like fire extinguisher, dryness, accessibility from outside, emergency exit gate from the engine room.

All of these parameters are very much important for such kind of investigation and maintenance work. And with a hundred percent of effort these things are maintained so that the chance of any accident comes into negative percentage.

Thorough Investigation:

In this part of the report we have discussed the major parts of the engine examined at the time of investigation takes place. First of all, the lubrication oil drainage valve was opened to make the engine gear box vacant. After that all the additional equipment and sensors attached with the engine and alarm units on engine removed. The nuts on the vertical tie rod removed to lift the cylinder head of the engine assembly. Before the disassembly of the cylinder head we need to disassemble the fuel injectors from the top of the cylinder head.

The investigation is based on the basic of general equipment of the engine we are taken for this survey. These are cylinder head, piston, piston rod, cylinder liner, cylinder, connecting rod, connecting pin, main bearings and all.

Dismantle and refit parts Workers level and number Duration
Cylinder head of the engine 2 (Skilled)+1 (Assistant) 4 hrs
Piston and piston rod 1 (Skilled)+1 (Assistant) 4 hrs
Connecting rod from the piston and from the crank shaft 3 (Skilled)+2 (Assistant) 5 hrs
Fuel injectors from the cylinder head 1 (Skilled)+1 (Assistant) 3 hrs
Connecting rod bearing and main bearing 2 (Skilled)+1 (Assistant) 5 hrs
Exhaust valve 1 (Skilled)+1 (Assistant) 2 hrs


This is all about the detail investigation done on this. It is basically done on the context of worker assigned and the particular time frame used for each system dismantling and refitting. This is not only the investigation done on this survey. Along with this in this part of the report we have stated the process followed in doing this process. At the time of investigating we have sincerely checked all things these are stated below. In the above table we have discussed the structured followed to perform these tasks.

The process followed for the following tasks investigated and stated here on this part of the report. With the help of 3 workers the attachments on the cylinder head and all the nut bolts were dismantled and an overhead crane used to lift the cylinder head. After getting lifted the cylinder head we get to see the upper surface of the pistons into the cylinder. With the help of torque wrench the nuts on the tie rods removed and the cylinder lifted up with the help of overhead crane. Since, we have dismantled the cylinder head and the cylinder we have left only the cylinder liner and the piston assembly. Then to dismantle the piston assembly we have used some hydraulic puller arrangement to remove the tight fitted cylinder liner from the piston. When, we got the cylinder liner in our hand now it is easy to dismantle the piston, connecting rod, piston rod, bearing and the main bearing. Each of the parts was dismantled carefully by the help of skilled workers for this purpose and to get a hazard free and accident free methodology throughout. The reason behind this investigation is to confirm the arrangements of the engine parts. To get a clear view of the methodology and the procedure of the installation of various parts of the engine it is very important to investigate the entire process. After this detail investigation the examination report can be generate, so we can say the investigation of the various parts is a necessary part of this survey.

A general disassembly methodology can be stated by the help of a diagram shown below,

Examination and Observation:

In this part of the report we have prepared a table to show the findings of this entire survey. The examination is here the observation we have done in this 5 days serial checkup of different machine components of the marine engine stated in the report. In a tabular format we have prepared all the details we have examined on this survey and remarked them on the basis of our knowledge and the findings on different machineries. First we have discussed on the major pats we have checked then in the table we have discussed the remarks on them.

Cylinder unit:

It is the main part of the engine which holds the basic moving parts of an engine and along with it is the chamber for the combustion. The piston, piston ring, connecting rod, connecting pin, bearing as well as the valves for inlet and outlet are the part of the main cylinder we have checked all of them. The data after checking all of them are stated below.

Connecting rod and pin bearing:

The connecting rod is the part which joins the piston with the crank shaft having a very high compressive and tensile strength and it also allows exerting some sudden loads on it without damage. So in many of the cases in general there we cannot find any damage on the structure of the connecting rod but the main problem is about the bearing parts of them. Some there we may feel some play which is completely undesirable. These are also checked and addressed on the remarks table.

Main bearing and journal:

The rotational power of a ship propeller is determined by the engine power and the rpm of the engine we have in our hand. Now to transmit this power from the engine to the propeller there we need a bearing assembly unit to make a flawless rotation without friction. The connecting rod is connected with the help of main bearing with the crank shaft. The function is to transmit the load without any metal to metal contact or friction. Some kind of defects may be also experienced in this part of the engine these are discussed below in the table.

There are some figures are attached in this part of the report to understand the individual parts are in use currently and dismantled for this survey,

Sl no Checking parameter Remarks
1 Tie rods and their threads were checked at the time of dismantling of the cylinder unit. It was good enough in condition the threads were clean and there was no issue on the tie rods.
2 Cylinder head and cylinder were checked after dismantling of them. Cylinder was completely fine but on the inside surface of the cylinder head it was rusty.
3 Cylinder liner was also checked on its inner wall as well as its outer wall. Cylinder liner was not that much good in condition since the hair lining hatching inside the cylinder liner was completely removed by the piston ring friction.
4 Piston of all the individual cylinders checked. All of the 8 pistons were dismantled properly and the conditions of the piston rings were not good at all and a huge amount of dark tar was there on the top of the piston.
5 Piston connecting pin and bearing checked. Since it is heavy machinery so any kind of ball or roller bearing is not provided here. Mainly friction bearings are provided for this part. The piston connecting pin was in perfect condition and but at its joint there was a axial play on the joint.
6 Connecting rod was also checked for its shape and the holes on the piston side and crank shaft side. Any kind of deformation in terms of buckling on the connecting rod was not found for 8 pistons, but a play was there on the piston side due to the friction bearing.
7 Main bearings are checked for all the attachments on the crankshaft On the main bearings there we have observed so many scratches on their curved surface. It is due to the lack of proper lubrication and for that the crank shaft also damaged at the joints location.
8 Bearing oil holes are also checked Since we have got so many scratches on the bearing for that reason we have also checked the oil holes on the bearing. The holes are jam in nature and so many thick tars were there into the holes.
9 For better efficiency the holes of the exhaust valves are also checked The holes are quite good neat and clean but the joint part of the hole and the valve there was harden carbon dust.


This are the findings on the engine for the specific parts and the findings are also described on the remarks section of the table.

Spare Parts Used:

In this survey along with the data collection some of the repairing tasks also taken into consideration. For the repairing tasks we have considered all the spare parts we have changed in this maintenance work and the survey of different methodologies. Here the main focus is on the engine machinery parts we have taken at the time of investigation and survey. In a tabular format we have discussed the spare parts used throughout this survey and the actual need of them on this. The machinery or the hand tools are also the part of the spare parts used. For that reason, we have also mentioned the spare parts used in this survey.

Item Spare parts used Requirements
Piston rings The condition of the piston rings for both the 8 pistons were not good for that reason we have replaced them. 8 Set
Exhaust valves There were lots of harden carbon attached on the valve body so we used new exhaust valves for some cylinders. 3 Set
Bearings The main bearings at the crank shaft and the piston pin changed for some pistons. 6 Nos
Fuel injector The fuel injectors were in malfunctioning condition for some cylinders they have been cleaned. 2 Nos
Gaskets and packing The gasket between the cylinder head and the cylinder lower portion was also changed for reducing oil leakage on running condition. 1 Nos


The above parts we have discussed in the table are the machine parts we have used as a spare during this survey. Along with all this the spares in terms of spanners and various equipment used for this particular task are described below.

Ball pin hammers Sledge hammers Wheel spanners for opening valves Adjustable spanners for different sizes of nuts and bolts
Socket wrench set Measuring instruments Micro meter Piston ring expander
Bearing scraper Piston and liner lifting crane Hydraulic jack type lifter for lifting cylinder head and tie rods Exhaust valve cleaning and polishing machine
Adjustable pipe wrench


These are the various equipment used for this task performed in the marine engine room. There are also some another special equipment is used but those are specially made by the authority for easy access.

Repairs and additional works:

Along with the general investigation in terms of survey of the various components of the engine we have also performed some of the maintenance works for repairing of the damaged parts into the engine. Here in this part of the report we are describing the parts repaired or changed for better performance and to get a higher efficiency of the engine.

  • On repairing we have cleaned all the pistons top side and cleaned with the help of cleaning liquid and polished them with some special kind of polishing machines.
  • The compression ring and the oil ring of both of the piston are being replaced by the new ones.
  • On the cylinder head all the inlet and the exhaust valves are cleaned by cleaning liquid and polished properly and set them on their position, some of them were completely damaged these are replaced by new ones.
  • Fuel pump checked and the injection valves are also cleaned for a better and efficient performance of the engine.
  • Some of the friction bearings were just completely damaged they are replaced with the new ones and the others polished and oil holes are cleaned by cleaning liquid.
  • For cleaning of the metal sediment into the engine casing we have cleaned the whole engine casing with cleaning reagent and drained them by the drainage valve.
  • To reduce the leakage of the lubricating oil from the engine we have also changed all the gaskets and packing in different positions.
  • A throughout check also done on the all pipes into the engine room like fuel pipe, coolant pipe, hydraulic pipes and all.

These are the basic repairing has been done during this survey.

Reference List

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