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Computer Science

Steps to Run the Program: Run the main file using any IDE (Netbeans suggested) – TestGames.java Select any one Lottery game. Enter the desired number which are lucky to you. […]

802.11 WLAN Data Throughput and Security Overheads Index Abstract Purpose Theoretical Part Experimental Section Results Discussion Conclusion References Appendix A Appendix B Abstract The contents of this report are based […]

Contents Introduction Accuracy Security Simplicity Privacy Democracy Exisiting approaches Process Authentication Counting Generation of anonymous username Privacy Process Data security algorithm AES algorithm SubBytes ShiftRows Mix columns XorRoundKey RSA Algorithm […]

The driver module Main.Scala has the main() entry point for the application. runAnumation() which takes a sequence of animation frames, as the type of object Seq[doodle.image.Image], and shows them as […]

The Game Precedent pictures Venture system This venture will be worked in Unity3D utilizing its implicit, off-the-rack programming The scene Dynamic portrayal Undertaking course of events Making the scene Make […]

8.1 Testing Overview 8.1.1 Test Strategy – Unit Testing Unit testing is a part of the software development process during which the smallest testable components of a software which are […]

Table of Contents 1. The problem 2. The concept and solution 3. Key features of the app 4. Business case 5. Target audience 6. Strategic alignment within the organization’s business […]





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