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Computer Science

Table of Contents Introduction Project Objective Project Scope Literature Review Conclusion Reference List Introduction It has been identified that in recent time that the financial sector and specially banking sector […]

BookMyEssay is here to alleviate your academic stress and support you in completing all your 3Ds Max assignments, essays and dissertation. We, under our 3D rendering assignment help services, offer […]

Abstract The aim of this study is addressing an ideal design is to reduce the noise in EEG in a more practical EEG signal acquisition. These considerations are both important […]

Executive Summary This report is premised on the gaming development and demonstrating the elements of 3D game. In this case, airplane 3D Unity game has been developed and this game […]

Assessment Criteria Game has clear play instructions and an end goal Game interface is well designed and suitable for the game Game code runs and shows proficiency with Unity Game […]

1. Login System Welcome Screen   Sign up   Sign In   2. Parking Reservation   3. Location System Search Parking Spot   Parking Details   4. Parking Spot Verification […]

MEV (Part of F3 input) MEV’s -Pull down MEVs and send email to Capital Markets to determine short funding targets for the ongoing book. This will ultimately be used to […]

a) Line of Sight Data Analysis: Matrix method for abel inverse. h(1)=0; y(1)=0; for i=2:51 y(i)=y(i-1)+0.1; end for i=1:51 fm(i)=sqrt(2*3.14)*((y(i)*y(i))+1)*exp(-(y(i)*y(i))/2); end Tikonov regularization is used for accuracy issues. As in […]

7.3 Question: Would should you do in this situation? I will propose a meeting with the marketing person and the responsible of the web site together and the executives if […]

Introduction Room area 5.2 m x 3.6 m x 2.7 m. In this case all room wall isothermal consider. (Isothermal means not heat transfer between room wall and atmosphere). In […]





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