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Table of Content Task 1 Task 2 Reference list Task 1 1.1 The support beam of the ship plays a major role as it will be circumspect to different forces […]

Objective of the Experiment: The objective is to demonstrate the mechanics of fluid drag on a spherical object during free fall for at least two different viscosities and to evaluate […]

Table of Content Phase 1 Task 1.1- Project Proposal INTRODUCTION RATIONALE Literature review Research methodology PHASE 2 TASK 2.1-PROJECT PLAN Task 2.2-PROJECT ACTIVITIES: LITERATURE REVIEW: Primary Data analysis Secondary Data […]

Scenario You are working as a Mechanical Engineer for Scania AB, which is a heavy trucks manufacturer. Your job is to inspect the new model of Scania LBS141 cab-over truck […]

Objective Stress and deflection analysis of bridge and concrete overpass structure over a different element and seed to determine the effect of load to find stresses acting and deformation of […]

Solution 1: a. Given data: Couple moment, M: 4 Nm To find: F and  P Now, C.M = F.d Where, F is the Force applied M is the Moment d […]

Table of Contents Part 1: a. Modern Power Plant Layout b. Steam superheating c. Super-heated steam T-S Plot Task A: 2.1 First Law of thermodynamics 2.2 Relationship between the system […]

Contents list Part 1 Working of steam turbine T-S diagram Description Task A Explanation of First law of thermodynamics Task B Viscosity Kinematic viscosity Properties of viscous fluids Different Viscosity […]

Question 1: (a) Draw a pV diagram to illustrate the operation of a two-stage compressor with intercooling (b) List the advantages to be gained by the use of a multi-stage […]

Introduction This paper will describe the basic operations of a hydraulic system along with the operations of cabin ECS of an aircraft. Moreover, the operations as well as layout of […]





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