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1. Do you think that the company uses innovative advertising or marketing message to attract customers? Justify with the help of 2 advertisements. Apple surely uses innovative ways to take […]

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Project scope Chapter 3: Research objectives Chapter 4: Literature review 4.1 Importance of Domestic Supplier 4.2 Benefits of Domestic Supplier in Multinational […]

Table of Contents 1.0 Literature Review 1.1 Overview 1.2 Defining Social Media Marketing and Its Aspect 1.3 Advantages of Social Networks 1.3.1 Finance Related 1.3.2 Social Interfaces 1.3.3 Interactivity 1.3.4 […]

Table of Contents Introduction Project Objective Project Scope Literature Review Significance of social networking side in business Advantages of social networking Disadvantages of social networking Impact of social networking promotion […]

Table of Contents Introduction Project Objective Literature Review Conclusion Reference Introduction The research is based on that the customer satisfaction is vital factor for all the company for better sustainability […]

Introduction While numerous brands make progress toward separation in a commercial center, uniqueness ought to be a brand’s actual objective! Particular brand resources urge buyers to definitively connect with a […]

Introduction In this report the analysis of various social media platform has been conducted. We have analysed the usefulness of these platforms for businesses. The analysis has been done for […]

Content Introduction Project Objective Project Scope Literature Review Research Gap Conclusion Introduction As in step with inquire about via the Pew research middle, ninety-two for each penny of bullied kids […]

The macro environment of Germany needs to be understood in a better way prior to expanding in the market. The market analysis is a mandatory requirement to ensure success of […]

Executive Summary: We are planning to launch a shoe design studio – Trazar , which is a new concept in a city like Lucknow, where currently now such studio is […]





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