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Abstract Computer forensics is the process of digital investigation combining technology, the science of discovery and the methodical application of legal procedures.  Judges and jurors often do not understand the […]

Introduction Room area 5.2 m x 3.6 m x 2.7 m. In this case all room wall isothermal consider. (Isothermal means not heat transfer between room wall and atmosphere). In […]

Table of Content Task 1 Task 2 Reference list Task 1 1.1 The support beam of the ship plays a major role as it will be circumspect to different forces […]

Objective of the Experiment: The objective is to demonstrate the mechanics of fluid drag on a spherical object during free fall for at least two different viscosities and to evaluate […]

Content Part A Working Ts Diagram Description Task A First Law of Thermodynamics Task B Viscosity Kinematic Viscosity Properties of Viscous Fluids Different Viscosity Measurement Techniques Shear Force Affecting the […]

1. What is the evidence that Pantothenate Synthetase is a good target for tuberculosis? [5%] An essential precursor for the coenzyme A and acyl carrier proteins is Pantothenate or vitamin […]

Introduction: By the term planning stress can be laid on methods and techniques that help in building a method on which the planning and the future decision making is based. […]





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