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Social Science

Executive Summary: The underlined study throws light ion the overall aspects of carrying of the international business of the country of Thailand with other countries. The study focuses on the […]

A country analysis and assessment of a new emerging market where rapid GDP growth has created attractive investment opportunities. General Overview of the Country or Region England is the island […]

Table of Contents Introduction The Economic Analysis My View and Recommendation Conclusion References Introduction Analyzing of this study is to examine consumer demand theory and its application to material such […]

Table of Content Introduction Discussion Conclusion References Introduction This assignment showcases the diversification in the demand and supply of beef in the market of Australia because of the radical decrease […]

Content Introduction Economic Analysis Personal views Conclusion References Introduction Australia is considered as a developed economy in the world. The lifestyle falls under the category of high income country. This […]

Executive Summary The Case study on the Maylands Peninsula will deal with the most basic concerns of the people of the city that will include issues like the environment, Ecology […]

Abstract Data analytics application in social and economic phenomena enables decision makers to better understand data, detect trends, explore relationships and drive insights that will be useful to take an […]

Summary Australia is one of the many continents that always experience various kinds of temperature as the result of its size. The temperatures always vary from place to place. In […]

Contents Introduction Company profile Objective of the study Review on CSR Social responsibility management system Fair labour association Research methodology Findings Conclusion References Introduction Public interest and awareness has encouraged […]

Introduction In simple words trade policy can be defined as rules and regulations set by government in relation to trade between countries, exchange of goods and international trade. It helps […]





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