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Introduction: In this report we have discussed the structural analysis of wooden structural part in detail. We have followed all the requirements to check the various load carrying capacity of […]

Abstract: Here in this paper we have done an analysis on the structural aspects of a composite material. The composite laminated sheet is taken into consideration as a symmetric lamination. […]

Contents Summary (Abstract) Introduction Results External walls Description Type Condition Internal walls Description Type Condition Floors Description Type Condition Roof Description Type Condition Design and calculation of the structure Manual […]

Abstract: Here the topic is to be discussing in this report is the building management and some of its analysis. For this thing, first we need to know the basic […]

Introduction: In today’s world, in the pool of needs and securities of technological communications, telecommunications play an important role in catering the primary requirements. It has long been conquered by […]

Introduction: There are so many arts are available in our world for a long time due to various requirements. Among all of the above the tunneling is one of the […]

Introduction- User test application consists of the features which include certain main aspects which are a student can take test, then it’s result will be saved in the file, which […]

Table of Content Mini Case Managing Technology At Genex Fuels Abstracts Evidence that Show that Genex is Not Using Proper Technology Appointment of Supply Strategic Implementation of Enterprise System Conclusion […]

There are three parts to this assignment. Part A uses VBA Excel and the VBA Solver module. Part B tests your knowledge of VBA for importing, analyzing and visualizing large […]

1. A station running TCP/IP needs to transfer a file to a host. The file contains 1024 bytes. How many bytes, including all of the TCP/IP overhead, would be sent, […]





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